Marmo Charcoal

Egypt, El-Beheira

Rashid City, Warehouses, in front of El-Bosaly Train Station


(+2) 015-5278-6643

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I have a Marmo factory for the manufacture and export of Egyptian charcoal, fine lemon charcoal at the best prices and the best quality according to international standards.

We have been working in its industry since 1970.

We have experts in the manufacture of Carrot charcoal and it is exported to all parts of the world.

فحم الجزر is used for all purposes, barbecue – hookah – heating and it is completely safe Without sparks, smoke or smell, and a long ignition period
Carrot charcoal , which is made from lemon tree wood, and is considered one of the citrus charcoal.

We have large quantities of Carrot charcoal every week for export. The Al-Awsat factory is considered one of the largest companies exporting Carrot charcoal in the Middle East and Africa. We have our own stores and warehouses.

We provide shipping companies and all shipping lines to ship coal to any country in the world, and we provide accommodations for our customers from outside the Arab Republic of Egypt .

We provide charcoal packages starting from 1 kg to 20 kg, according to demand, and we provide printing on packages and bags .
Carrot charcoal Specifications: It is solid wood with closed pores and in the process of charring the fire penetrates it slowly due to its extreme hardness.

Carrot charcoal produces ash white as snow, and the percentage of ash is very small.
Carrot charcoal is used for hookah and barbecue use.
Its ignition lasts for a long time, up to 5 hours, and it is characterized by an intense temperature, and therefore it is one of the best types of charcoal to use on hookahs.

Product information:

1Ash percentage1.60%
2Total moisture:2.5%
3Sulfur (on dry basis):0.27%
4Shape:cylindrical or fingers from 5 cm to 35 cm, also small blocks.
5Fixed carbon (on dry basis): 85%
6Calorific value :7800 cal/g

To communicate Address :- Egypt, El-Beheira, Rashid City, Warehouses, in front of El-Bosaly Train Station,

Phone :- 2011552786643

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