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The company provides charcoal at the best price that competes with global markets only at Marmo
Marmo company since the time of its inception and it is a pioneer in the African charcoal industry of all kinds, as we produce large quantities daily African charcoal is very famous in all countries of the world
And we at Marmo Company provide competitive quantities in the global markets and according to quality standards. All we care about is gaining the trust of customers, and therefore we always look forward to being at the best of our valued customers’ expectations.
Types of coal that we use in the African charcoal industry:
Somali Coda charcoal:
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The company has high-quality Somali charcoal, especially Kuda charcoal, which is produced in the Kuda region, which is known for producing charcoal number one in the State of Somalia.
And as coal traders know that koda charcoal is only manufactured in the state of Somalia, however, the company has large quantities of Somali koda charcoal, in order to save time and effort for customers.
Q / What distinguishes Coda charcoal from others?
The Somali Kuda charcoal is extracted from the Kuda forest trees. It is characterized by the absence of smell and a strong hardness ratio.

It contains a high carbon percentage and is characterized by a moisture content that is the lowest, not exceeding 3%. No chemicals are added to the charcoal, so as not to cause any health damage.

The percentage of ash is very low, and this makes this type of charcoal one of the best types that are used for hookahs (shisha).
Its shape is also characterized by the large fingers by more than 60%.

Disclaimer to the customers: Coda charcoal is made in Somalia, then we are working on re-manufacturing it, sifting it from impurities and dust, and packing it in Egypt.

Sudanese Talah coal:
Coal companies in Egypt, Sudanese Talh coal
Now available at Marmo, Sudanese acacia coal is a high-quality first class, which has a wide reputation in shisha supplies (argila). It is extracted from Sudanese acacia trees, which are spread in large parts of the state of Sudan, and these trees grow on clay soils derived from the mudflats in Central Sudan and on the upper slopes of rivers, and sometimes in some depressions that are somewhat submerged in water, these trees are extracted and charred inside the ovens or in the traditional way inside (Al-Makmoura).

Talah Charcoal Features:
It starts to ignite very quickly, and the ignition period lasts for a very long period of time, ranging from 3 to 5 hours approximately. The durability of the charcoal, as the Sudanese acacia charcoal is distinguished by its terrible durability, and it emits a sound like glass when they are thrown on the ground or they collide with each other, and this indicates the quality of the Sudanese acacia charcoal
It also contains a very high percentage of carbon and a moisture content that does not exceed 4%. It does not spark or crack and does not emit an unpleasant smell.
The coal is screened to purify it from impurities, sand and fractions, then it is packed according to the customer’s request.

Nigerian coal:
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We now have Nigerian charcoal from the Marmo company, which is widely known for its many uses. Nigerian charcoal has many uses, most notably:
It is used in heating. Some countries, such as Russia (the former Soviet Union countries) and Ukraine, consume Nigerian coal and wood (firewood) for coal before charring in large quantities for the purpose of heating.
It is also used in energy, as some countries are now resorting to coal as a great energy generator
It is also used in grilling, as it is good for restaurant and hotel owners, and it gives a good charcoal flavor to food
It is also used for hookah (hookah), as it is distinguished by its long burning and white sand, which makes it a favorite for some people to use hookah.
Nigerian charcoal is characterized by its long burning time, which ranges from approximately 3 to 4 hours, and this is a high and good rate for coal. It also produces white sand that indicates its quality and high temperature, which makes this type of coal a favorite among merchants to ensure their distinction in the market.

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