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Advantages of vegetable charcoal

made charcoal

Charcoal is made by heating wood, and its color is black due to the presence of carbon. The wood is collected in piles, covered with dirt, and heated for about ten days.

This burning part provides the rest of the wood with the heat necessary to heat it and turn it into charcoal.

is considered lighter than wood because it loses an amount of water when it is converted into charcoal and the percentage of pores in it increases.

is heavier than charcoal because it has mineral components that are not found in charcoal.

Charcoal is characterized by its light weight and very safe for nature and the environment. It has multiple uses such as generating energy and using it for some household purposes such as heating, cooking or barbecuing. It can also be formed into sticks to be used in drawing material.

One of the types of vegetable charcoal is orange charcoal

Packing 3 kg and 10 kg paper Kraft bags

Chemical Report :-

1) Carbon Contents : 75 % – 85 v% Packing 40 feet HC container loaded 24 Mt in container 40 fcl

2) Moisture Contents : 1 % – 5 %

3) Ash Contents : 1 % – 3 %

4) Calories Contents : 7000 â?? 8500

5) Burning Time : 2 â?? 4 hour.


1- Very clean without any dust or sand or unburned wood.

2- Smokeless and non hazardous.

Uses (Barbeque, Shisha)

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